Anna Di Prospero, Autoritratto con Eleonora, “Autoritratto con i miei amici”, 2011. © Anna Di Prospero
Tuesday 7 November 2017 ore 18:30 - 20:00

National preview of the book by Concita De Gregorio.Chi sono io? Self-portraits, identity, reputation

MAXXI Auditorium – admission free subject to availability of places

An unexpected and surprising reading within the sphere of female photography and self-representation

In the book Chi sono io?, published by Contrasto, Concita De Gregorio has roamed widely, posing questions and questioning herself regarding the sense and value of a gesture: that of self-representation. This research is born out of careful observation of images and photographs created over the years, above all by women photographers: “I sought out numerous self portraits, for a long time. Those that I found were almost all female. Women photographers always portray themselves, almost always. Male photographers much less. It’s odd. Don’t men photographers need to seek their soul? How come they so rarely turn the camera on themselves? Why is work on identity – who am I – in photography above all female work?”.

From the outset photography has offered a mirror before which one can measure and define one’s identity, almost a third eye capable of reaching deep into the human soul. In Chi sono io?, an intimate and intense photo gallery, from Francesca Woodman to Cindy Sherman, from Wanda Wulz to Dora Maar through to the most contemporary photographs, De Gregorio presents the voices and gazes of those who, through their own image, are attempting to investigate their place in the world. With five Italian photographers who also operate, albeit not exclusively, within the field of self-representation, including Anna Di Prospero and Simona Ghizzoni, guests at the event, with whom Concita De Gregorio conversed at length.

It is above all the women who photograph themselves. Why, I asked five of them. The reply always concerns healing, a wound, treatment. A need, never vanity.

Introduced by
Giovanna Melandri President, Fondazione MAXXI

Concita De Gregorio journalist and writer
Anna Di Prospero photographer
Simona Ghizzoni photographer