Sunday 10 December 2017 ore 12:15 - 13:15

Seeking beauty

Sala La Nuvola – Più Libri Più Liberi
Roma Convention Center – La Nuvola dell’Eur. Viale Asia and Viale Europa, corner of Via Cristoforo Colombo.

an event in cooperation with Più Libri Più Liberi
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“The search for Beauty is not only photographing the beautiful, but simply photographing that which your soul asks you to in order to provide satisfaction; even sad, ugly things. By photographing them and making the world aware of them you have done something “beautiful”, you’re trying to change them!”

Following the major exhibition at MAXXI Letizia Battaglia. Per Pura Passione, and on the occasion of the National Small and Medium Scale Publishing Fair, the photographer Letizia Battaglia talks to Giovanna Melandri.
Not just “Photographer of the Mafia” but also a witness to Italian life and society: Letizia Battaglia is recognised as one of the most important figures in contemporary photography not solely for her shots firmly established in our collective visual memory, but also for the civil and ethical value she attributes to the practice of photography.

Letizia Battaglia, photographer
Giovanna Melandri, President, Fondazione MAXXI