08 December 2019

Free guided tour. From the Collection to Altan

A guided tour of the permanent Collection and the exhibition "Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers".

06 December 2019

Libri al MAXXI. Demofollia di Michele Ainis

La "Repubblica dei paradossi", raccontata da uno fra i più noti costituzionalisti italiani.

05 December 2019

Books at MAXXI. Modern Rome. From Napoleon to the Twenty-First Century by Italo Insolera

The last two centuries in the history of the Eternal City, capital of the Papal State, then of united Italy, first under the monarchy and subsequently the republic.

04 December 2019

Talk. Elena Bellantoni

On the occasion of the focus dedicated to her, the Museum will preview the screening of the video "Ho annegato il mare" and the audience will have a special meeting with the artist.

04 December 2019

Books at MAXXI. Cuba. Vivir Con by Carolina Sandretto

A book that reveals how life flows inside the Solares, the multi-family housing spaces of the Caribbean island.

04 December 2019

Study Day. Preserving architecture collections

A comparison of materials, methods, and experiences. An occasion to bring together conservators from various institutions and sectors.

04 December 2019

Lesson/Concert. Maestro Krishna Das

The techniques of transcendental sounds and vibrations as a practice of “inner awakening”.

03 December 2019

Lezioni Olivettiane®. Adriano Olivetti’s designers. Graphic design with Vanni Pasca

Three meetings dedicated to advertising graphics, interior design, product design, and all creatives who have made the image of the Ivrea factory famous throughout the world.

01 December 2019

Free guided tour. From the Collection to Gio Ponti

A guided tour of the permanent Collection and the "Gio Ponti. Loving architecture exhibit".

01 December 2019

Books at the MAXXI. Special Strega Prize. Claudia Durastanti with Nada Malanima

Reading and listening can be a sentimental education in the modern world.

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