Saturday 10 December 2016Sunday 11 December 2016

AS Film Festival

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free subject to availability of places

The first film festival to be curated with the active participation of people on the autistic spectrum

Directed by Giuseppe Cacace, the AS Film Festival is now in its 4th edition: a true international festival of film and the visual arts that uses cinema as an instrument of social inclusion. The selection, curated by the young people on the autistic spectrum from the NOT EQUAL association, highlights various issues as well as autism: immigration, integration, racism and terrorism with a particular focus on children and adolescents living in difficult situations. Result: a rich programme of fiction and animated shorts from all over the world, with numerous world previews, subdivided into three competition sections and two collateral sections.

AsFF intends to contribute to the spread of a culture of autism, presenting neurodiversity under a new light, not simply as a handicap or a lack, but as a strength, as a resource, as a different view of reality, on the basis of the idea that “the world needs all kinds of minds” (Temple Grandin).

A festival like all the others, but different

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The festival is organized by the NOT EQUAL cultural association in collaboration with the Fondazione MAXXI and CONFRONTI