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artapes #2. Chantal Akerman. From the other side

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Thursday, 18, and Thursday, 25 July, the Passeggiate Romane exhibition, with sets by Dante Ferretti, is open until 9 pm
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from 8 to 24 July for renovation work

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video gallery – admittance free
artapes is a project curated by Giulia Ferracci

In the 1970s the New York Times was already defining her film Jeanne Dielman (1975) as “the first female masterpiece in the history of film”: Chantal Akerman is recognised by the critics as one of the most revolutionary artists on the international scene, a source of inspiration for directors of the calibre of Gus Van Sant, Todd Haynes and Sofia Coppola.

The first Italian retrospective devoted to the Belgian artist, filmmaker, scriptwriter and actor following her death

In its second exhibition cycle Chantal Akerman. From the Other Side, curated by Giovanna Fazzuoli and Giulia Magno, the review covers the salient points of her artistic career from the debut short film Saute ma Ville from 1968 to her last work No Home Movie from 2015: almost half a century in which she produced experimental shorts, film essays, documentaries, musicals, film adaptations, travelogues, comedies and works inspired by dance, sculpture and music.

A career permeated by the esprit de contradiction

Chaos and order, reality and fiction, words and images, confinement and travel, autobiography and collective narration all coexist in Chantal Akerman’s films and installations.

The review is part of the artapes project, the programme of screenings focussing on the most interesting historical and recent artist videos which alternate in the museum’s new permanent video gallery.