Weaving space

Workshop on the museum architecture or the works from the Permanent collection, inspired by the playing cars of Maria Lai.

What’s involved?
An evocative way of reading, discussing and redefining the museum architecture playing with the cards of the Sardinian artist. Through categories such as rhythm, line, surface, light and viewpoint, the students will learn to analyse and understand the fluid and non-traditional space of Zaha Hadid’s building.
The cues offered by the playing cars will allow the students to enjoy the spatial experience of the museum in a new and aware way, taking part in a process of alphabetization of the architecture that will accompany them outside the museum, modifying their perception of the spaces of their everyday lives.

from Tuesday to Friday, from 11.00 AM
Duration: 1h 30’

How does it work?
€100 per class group (max 30 participants) + museum entrance ticket (free for students of up to 14 years old, €5 for students over 14 years of age and free for 1 teacher every 10 students) obligatory reservations and ticket purchases may be made by writing to or calling 06 3201954.