Thursday 1 January 1970

Artist’s Workshop with Collettivo 320chili

Friday 24 May, 16.30
Participation permitted with the purchase of a museum entrance ticke

On the occasion of the International Festival of Dance 2013, MAXXI is inaugurating a new joint venture with the Teatro Olimpico and the Filarmonica Romana.

The first event to come out of this is with Collettivo 320chili, a group of five young Italian artists – 320 kilos is their combined weight – who studied together at the Flic circus in Turin before pooling their experiences of dance and theatre to create a shared and original idiom.

Collettivo 320chili will invite the MAXXI public to participate in a workshop/show coordinated by the museum’s Education Department and dedicated to the artistic encounter between dance and contemporary art. The workshop will tackle the complex theme of the migrations that represent “moving forwards by walking backwards, looking to the past before turning to see the progress made.”
At the end of the workshop participants may visit the MAXXI exhibitions open until 19.00.
The evening will conclude at the Teatro Olimpico (21.00) with the performance of Ai migrant for which participants may purchase a ticket at the preferential price of just €15.