Thursday 9 April 2015 ore 17:30 - ore 19:00

Conference with Sarah CatalanoTheory and Practice. Lina Bo Bardi in Italy (1939-1946)

Archives Centre Study Room – admittance free while places available

This conference will examine Lina Bo Bardi’s Italian period and in particular the years of her professional debut in which design and publishing activities entwined, while the war inevitably had an enormous impact on the architectural sector.

The beginning of the war […] posed other problems: you couldn’t build, the field of “Practice” was abandoned in favour of that of “Theory”

Lina Bo Bardi

During the period of the war in Italy, Lina Bo Bardi contributed to periodicals, both architectural and otherwise.
She was a journalist, deputy editor and inventor of new publishing products, acquiring an enormous baggage of principles and solutions, refining her knowledge of the needs and necessities of man and developing a profound awareness of the meanings and purposes of architecture.
The periodical on which she worked in these years, such as Gio Ponti’s Stile, together with the vast repertory of “imaginary projects” by Lina and Carlo, conserve and reveal a number of the works realised by the Bo e Pagani studio, testifying to an industriousness in the architectural profession understood in the most “typical and usual” sense, in which ideas take on a built form.

Introduced by
Margherita Guccione Director MAXXI Architettura

Concluded by
Massimo Martignoni design and architectural historian