Wednesday 13 November 2019 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Books at MAXXI.Ti rubo la vita by Cinzia Leone

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo hall – free admittance until full capacity
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Jews of necessity, Jews on the run, or half-Jews: Miriam, Giuditta and Esther are women capable of defending their identity against the dangers of men and history.

Stolen lives, like that of Miriam, wife of a Turkish Muslim who in 1936 decides to replace the Jewish merchant with whom she is in business, forcing her to change religion and identity. The laws of racism stole Giuditta’s life in 1938: expelled from school, with her father in prison and the Fascists on her heels, she can be betrayed, sold and bought. In 1991, Esther’s life is stolen by a mysterious suitor who proposes an arranged marriage, regulated by a perfect contract.

I steal your life is an extraordinarily exciting choral novel, a family saga full of deceptions and secrets that stretches from Istanbul to Ancona, from Jaffa to Basel, from Rome to Miami, from Turkey of Atatürk to Italy in the late twentieth century, passing through the Second War world and racial persecutions, making us reflect on issues such as identity and tolerance.

Pietro Barrera Fondazione MAXXI Secretary General

Cinzia Leone journalist, writer and author of graphic novels and illustrations
Alfredo Pirri artist

Moderated by
Francesco Cascino art consultant

In collaboration with Mondadori