Saturday 9 April 2016 ore 11:30 - ore 13:30

The Histories of Art.On the principles of musical composition | Seminar with Salvatore Sciarrino

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance €5.00; admittance to 5 seminars €20.00; free for myMAXXI card holders. The purchase of a ticket allows for reduced price museum entrance (€8.00) within one week of issue.

Five seminars with international philosophers, composers, artists, choreographers and writers to explore and comprehend the expressive idioms of contemporary creativity.

Together with that of architecture, the term composition immediately evokes the idiom of music. In the third seminar attention is devoted to the question that Salvatore Sciarrino poses in the piece entitle Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi? “Incantesimi” or “Enchantments” are for Sciarrino those pieces dedicated to the instrument whose function he has done most to redefine: the flute. Of this as well as other sound device, the “composer” initially puts up for discussion technique and executional practice, recomposing – together with the acoustic effect – the symbolic image. In every execution old and new, potential and act, given and giving are found. It is in the nature of music to resuscitate, every time, the written trace of the composition and always to restore it to a new beginning.

Salvatore Sciarrino, prevalently self-taught, advocates a technique based on timbric animation and a transformation of the sound while using traditional instruments.

The Histories of Art. On the principles of composition
13 February – 21 May 2016

Now returning in its fourth edition, The Histories of Art is a series of seminars dedicated to the history of contemporary art from 1960 to the present day, organized according to chronological and thematic issues dealing with the last 40 years of artistic research and production. The seminars are led by critics, gallerists, curators, artists and university lecturers.
Introductions by Andrea Cortellessa.