Thursday 1 January 1970

Sacro Romano Gra

Wednesday 7 May, 18.30
MAXXI B.A.S.E., Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – admittance free

People, places, landscapes
along the Grande Raccordo Anulare

Sacro Romano Gra is a slow journey through an unknown and contemporary Rome composed of experiments, dereliction, meanderings, failures and redemptions. An atlas of the Roman outskirts that leads us into its stories and its failures, freeing itself of the asphalt so as not to be swallowed up.

“A remarkable book: a metropolitan book of hours, a pilot book of dereliction, an atlas of the incoercible, almost metaphysical energy of the Roman fringe’
Sandro Veronesi

This book by Nicolò Bassetti and Sapo Matteucci, published by Quodlibet, challenges readers to explore the vast, 68-kilometre stretch of asphalt of Rome’s Grand Raccordo Anulare outer ring road.
Not just a book, but a broader project that also comprises the film Sacro Gra directed by Gianfranco Rosi, presented at the 70th Venice Film Festival where it won the Golden Lion for Best Film.

introduced by
Margherita GuccioneDirector MAXXI Architettura

Franco Purini Architect and architectural theorist
Davide RiondinoArtist
Sandro Veronesi Writer

The authors will be present