Friday 30 November 2018, 17:00 - 20:00


MAXXI Auditorium – free entry until full capacity

Four seminars to discuss principles, regulations and processes for governing the quality of urban development in Italy

Architecture is an integral part of our lives; it represents quality, it affects our actions and is the background to our everyday activities.
MAXXI positsfour events events that aim to reignite the discussion on a subject that can be put off no longer:the necessity of a law for architecture.
The objective of the events is to highlight themes and functional needs to those who are called upon to intervene legally but, even more pressingly, to those that are involved with cultural actions across the entire country.

Roles and responsibilites.
Project work is intellectual work

In the last event we will tackle the subject of how an architectural project is seen as intellectual work and not a supply of services: as such, it ought to be considered on the basis of its specific and lasting qualities with a purely economic assessment.

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