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No tech. Handmade art

No tech. Handmade art
An exploratory visit to the art exhibition
A proposito di Marisa Merz

Who is it for?
Secondary schools (max. 30 participants – 1 class group)

What does it involve?
Through an engrossing exploration of the exhibition, the students will discover the suggestive universe of the Turin artist Marisa Merz and the way in which her works have inspired other artists of the latest generations. Through drawing and the use of the materials typical of Marisa Merz’s research such and graphite, plaster, Plasticine and wax, the students will explore the works on show in an autonomous and empathetic manner, using the very instruments used to make the work. Manipulation becomes cognitive strategy with which the students interrogate and understand the works, gaining direct experience of the creative potential of materials and techniques.

From February to June, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00, Thursday and Friday from 11.00.

How does it work?
Duration 1h and 30’
reservations required
€ 100,00 per class group (max.30 persons)
purchasable by calling 06.39967350