Thursday 1 January 1970 -

Mi richiama talvolta la tua voce. An exhibition dedicated to Ilaria Alpi at the MAXXI

20 – 30 March 2014
MAXXI Corner – free entrance
exhibition by Paola Gennari Santori
curated by Ludovico Pratesi

Twenty years after the death of Ilaria Alpi,
this photographic exhibition recounts a more personal side of her life,
from her early years to her tragic murder.

Supported by the Regione Lazio, the MAXXI will is proud to host this photographic exhibition dedicated to Ilaria Alpi, the RAI journalist slain in Somalia in 1994.
Curated by Ludovico Pratesi the exhibition is part of the programme of activities promoted by the Associazione Ilaria Alpi and in particular a series of initiatives presented in occasion of the twentieth anniversary of her death.
The exhibition offers a look at the more personal side of Ilaria’s life, focused more on the individual dimension of a figure whose murder remains one of Italy’s great mysteries.

What was Ilaria like, and what did she love? How did she develop such a passion for the Arab world and Africa, and such a deep interest in the dramatic realties of places like Egypt and Somalia? How did she approach her work? To what degree did it interfere with her private life? In an attempt to answer these questions, Paola Gennari Santori utilises a series of 15 photographic images to narrate the traces of a personal memory, accompanied by the words of important figures from the world of culture, spectacle and journalism close to Ilaria Alpi.