Thursday 1 January 1970 -


The Walk of the Invisibles
19 October, premiere
by the Teatro Valle at MAXXI

19 and 20 October, 20.15 – 21 October, 17.15 – show for the public
Gallery 5
a project curated by the Education Department

The national premiere of the new work by Riccardo Caporossi, Mendel, will be staged at MAXXI, produced by the renowned Italian avant-garde theatrical pairing, Rem & Cap Proposte.

The work takes its cue from a short-story by Stefan Zweig, Mendel dei libri (“Mendel of the Books”), the story of a brilliant, arrogant collector of books in a parallel world, a bibliophile who lives in a café in a city, over which looms the figure of Solingo, a character-mask invented and played by Riccardo Caporossi.
Mendel never appears on stage. Two figures, Signor Z. and the toilet janitor, evoke his presence and tell his stories as eye-witnesses in the museum’s suggestive Gallery 5, transformed into a “metaphysical” Games Room in which billiards and chess players and young waiters interact in a simple setting.

19 October 2012 – premier
in collaboration with the Teatro Valle Occupato
An installation/performance conceived by Ricccardo Caporossi that involves a “walk”, from the Teatro Valle to MAXXI, passing by way of Piazza del Popolo. Artists, ordinary people and tourists will alternate relay-like along the route, transporting a multitude of shoes: on a tray held in their hands or made to “walk” along a guide on the ground. It is the shoes that evoke the invisibles: ordinary people defenceless in the face of an oppressive system, the marginalized, the anonymous victims of war.

Riccardo Caporossi, sketch for the show ‘Mendel’

12 September – 14 October, 14.00 -19.00

The show will be preceded by workshops/open rehearsals. Museum visitors will therefore be able to follow, amidst installations and works of contemporary art, the development of a show as day-by-day it takes on its definitive form.

Staging Riccardo Caporossi
Production Club Teatro Rem & Cap Proposte

With Daria Deflorian, Vincenzo Preziosa, Riccardo Caporossi and Andrea Cardinali, Alessandro Caruso, Emiliano Marini, Giada Oliva, Lorenzo Salandri, Raffaele Vermiglio, 2 billiards players, 2 chess players, 6 people-characters
Lights Nuccio Marino