Wednesday 20 February 2019, 17:00 - 18:00
Curator's Tour.

Margherita Guccione potrays Paolo Pellegrin. An anthology

Free admission with a ticket to the museum subject to availability (maximum 30 participants); free for myMAXXI holders with the possibility to reserve a seat for the first 5 by writing to

An exception visit to the exhibit of the great photographer to discover his creative path together with the director of MAXXI Architecture.

The series of events in which the MAXXI directors and curators of the current exhibitions become exceptional guides to discover their details and background starts.

The first event is dedicated to the exhibition by Paolo Pellegrin who, with his camera, has travelled all over the world depicting humans, wars, humanitarian emergencies but also stories of great poetry and a portentous and pulsating nature.

The director Margherita Guccione, head of the Photography Collections of MAXXI Architecture, accompanies us on its discovery.

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