Regina Jose Galindo, La oveja negra, 2014. Photo by Tiziana Pers
Tuesday 28 April 2015 ore 17:00 - ore 20:00

The uncontrollable beauty: the contemporary condition of art

Gallery 3 – admittance free

Readings of the formless. Rosalind Krauss and Georges Didi-Huberman
(Lithos 2014) by Andrea D’Ammando and Matteo Spadoni
Book presentation
For just over 35 years, the notion of the unformed, as proposed by Georges Bataille, has made inroads in art theory, criticism and history texts. For Bataille the formless is that which cannot be reduced to form, “like spittle, a spider, a worm”, it does not designate essences, but processes, it is a term that more of a function than a meaning.

Andrea D’Ammando and Matteo Spadoni authors of the book
Fiorella Bassan La Sapienza University, Rome
Stefano Velotti lecturer in aesthetics, La Sapienza University, Rome
Introduced by
Ilaria Schiaffini lecturer in the history of contemporary art, La Sapienza University, Rome

Huang Yong Ping. Bâton Serpent
(Mousse 2015) curated by Hou Hanru
Presentation of the catalogue
Published on the occasion of the exhibition of Huang Yong Ping at MAXXI, the catalogue reviews the artist’s entire output, from the projects realised by the collective Xiamen Dada, to the works of the ’90s, and through to the latest installations in the National Museum of XXI Century Arts. A fundamental resource for approaching the creative world of Huang Yong Ping.

Huang Yong Ping artist
Stefano Chiodi art critic and curator

La oveja negra
by Regina Josè Galindo
Presentation of the video
This video is based on the performance by the artist during the RAVE 2014 residence, the first residence to open up discussion on the role and responsibility of contemporary art with regard to animal difference. In La oveja negra, Galindo, who in her performances has always tackled the pain of those who are reduced to silence and oblivion by those in power, gives back a voice to the last par excellence: animals.
The video Inside the Circle made by Adrian Paci during RAVE 2011 will also be screened during the seminar.

Regina Josè Galindo artist
Benedetta Carpi De Resmini curator
Tiziana Pers artist
Cecilia Canziani artistic co-director Nomas Foundation, Rome
Diego Sileo curator PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan
Giuseppe Garrera collector and professor of art history

Moderating the seminars
Hou Hanru Artistic Director, MAXXI