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Workshop mini-MAXXI

Workshop – mini-MAXXI
Zaha Hadid’s giant for the smallest visitors

Who is it aimed at?
Enfants schools, max. 30 participants (1 group class).

When will it be held?
From Tuesday to Friday at 11.30 and at 14.00

What does it involve?
Through multi-sensorial investigations and treasure hunts, the children explore a number of works of art exhibited in the Natural/Artificial section of the exhibition Space in order to understand how art imitates nature and reinterprets its forms and materials to create, through artifice, a world of enchantment and poetry. Visiting the building itself completes the children’s experience: Zaha Hadid’s architecture with its tortuous and complex paths akin to a great forest proposes a unique and enthralling spatial perception.

How does it work?
The workshop consists of a meeting at the museum lasting 2 hours. Each meeting is divided into three phases: The exploration of the exhibition, the hands-on workshop and the exploration of the building. The first consists of a visit to the exhibition Space, the second a creative reinterpretation of the contents that emerged through the creation of a drawing and the third the exploration of the space through corporeal exercises.

How much does it cost?
€ 100.00 per group class
For reservations and payment please call +39.0639967350
For information and reservations