Thursday 1 January 1970

Paesaggio e limite

Friday 30 May, 18.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E., Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – free admittance subject to availability

An opportunity to talk about landscape, analysing the relationships with the individual and the perhaps surpassed crisis of geography.
Not solely Romanticism, Neo-Romanticism, view painters, new nostalgics and ecologists: when we talk about landscape painting there is a little-explored strand, born at the end of the Second World War with the rebirth of industrial society and new capitalism:

‘A kind of landscape that is that of the spirit that informs the emotive states of the current refugees, of the new mass migrants, of those condemned to chronic discomfort: a landscape of passive assimilation, of the enduring of the doctrine of alienation, of guilt and the impossibility of acceding to contemplation as an increasingly denied psychological category.’
Abel Herrero

This passively assimilated landscape, of which the artist Abel Herrero speaks, is a landscape denied, impossible to use, which determines in the “non-spectators” an alienation of the sense, a dependence on needs that becomes a dictatorship.

Bruno Corà Art historian and critic
Marco Vallora Art historian and critic
Rino Genovese Philosopher
Abel Herrero Artist


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