Thursday 1 January 1970

Time lapse stand fitting e allestimento condensato

The School of Narrative Dance, Rome ? is a project by the artist Marinella Senatore, the winner of MAXXI PRIZE 2014. A school offering inroads to various professions through an alternative teaching system based on the sharing of skills and trades
Every week a free lesson.

Thursday 26 June, 16.30
Arena – MAXXI Piazza

A seminar presenting the various phases and the skills required in the staging of a temporary event (stands, installations, meeting places). A participatory action will enable the identification of the various steps necessary for developing the project, evaluating its feasibility, drafting an operational plan and putting it into effect.

How do we move on from idea to realisation?

Derived from the time lapse filmmaking technique in which the capture rate of each shot is much lower than that of its reproduction, the title of the seminar suggests the story-based mode that focuses on key steps in the process. Thanks to the temporary installation that will be constructed in brief passages, those tasking part will be involved in a condensed process that is still capable of transmitting the intensive nature of this kind of work.

Giovanni L. Zipoli – Staging for events, fairs and exhibitions