05 November 2020 - 07 March 2021

Bigger than Myself. Voices of heroes from ex Yugoslavia

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Based on the measures laid down by the Italian Prime Minister’s decree the MAXXI will remain closed and its activities suspended until next April 3rd.

During this period we will continue to meet and discuss on our online channels, in the hope of seeing you again soon in the Musem’s halls.

Opening hours & tickets
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curated by Zdenka Badovinac 
associate curator Giulia Ferracci

30 artists read the history of the territory through the gestures of contemporary heroes, considering the themes of hospitality and coexistence.

The exhibition, curated by the director of the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, marks a new chapter in the research dedicated to the Middle East and the Mediterranean area. It illustrates the artistic buzz in former Yugoslavian countries with a specific interpretation key.

Can the Socialist legacy help to recover the concept of the “common good”, in a complex territory that has recently suffered the drama of the Civil War and the rise of nationalism in opposition to the multi-ethnicity that distinguishes it and the economic crisis that has affected the whole of Europe?

About 30 artists read the history of the area through the gestures of contemporary heroes, who contributed to the crisis of nationalism, favoring important reflections on the themes of hospitality and coexistence.

header: Darinka Pop-Mitic, For unity and solidarity of the Yugoslav people with people of Latin America/ 2012