Altan / Enrico Rava. Noir (Label Bleu, 1992)
Wednesday 9 May 2018 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Il cantautore necessario.The ‘90s. Farewell to vinyl… songwriters play rock, rap and pop

MAXXI Auditorium – entry € 5
Ticket for five events € 20 or € 15 for people aged less than 30 and journalists producing their card

curated by Edoardo De Angelis

Five events to recount 50 years of Italian songwriting and its connections with the world of Art, with guests from the fields of music, literature and journalism.

Every event, moderated by songwriter Edoardo De Angelis, is devoted to a decade, starting from the ‘60s up to the present day. With the help of musician Michele Ascolese and musicologist, critic and journalist Luciano Ceri, De Angelis asks the audience to embark upon a path of memory and knowledge in search of news, data and trivia to recount the world of Italian songwriting and its deep connection with all figurative arts.

On top of the screening of historical images, artworks, covers and live musical performances, each meeting is also accompanied by Il quadro di Assante, namely a moment of reflection (and a pill of wisdom) by journalist, music critic and radio and TV writer Ernesto Assante, who will provide the audience with his take on the changes, evolution or involution that Italian songwriting has undergone over the years.

The fourth event will shed light on the numerous deep transformations that took place during the ‘90s: from the new ways of making and producing music to new songwriters and eternal icons, such as Franco Battiato, who established themselves also in the field of painting and auteur cinema.

John Vignola radio host and writer
Ivan Cattaneo songwriter, painter and art historian
Mimmo Locasciulli songwriter

Cantautore Necessario is realised with the support of the MaiSoli centre for home treatment of Rome.