Gilberto Zorio, Canoa Roma, MAXXI 2011. Photo Cecilia Fiorenza
Thursday 26 May 2016 ore 18:00 - ore 19:00

Conversazioni d’autore.Gilberto Zorio

Foyer Guido Reni – MINI reading room
tickets 5€ – free for myMAXXI card holders – subject to availability of places

In the fifth seminar of the series the artist Gilberto Zorio will be meeting the public in conversation with Gianfranco Maraniello.
The idea of energy has always been a constant traversing the work of Zorio with his research focusing on metamorphosis and alchemy as he explores natural phenomena of transformation such as evaporation and oxidation. The attention to electricity has led him to incorporate light bulbs, incandescents and phosphorescence in his work, while elsewhere he uses stars and javelins, archetypal forms evoking energy. In his sculptural works he uses a vast range of materials, creating gigantic stars in steel or stills in Pyrex containing liquid solutions balanced on slim steel javelins. Suspending these elements in deliberately precarious installations, the artist is investigating the tensions and the transience of the physical, chemical and mental world.

Conversazioni d’autore. Six seminars with the protagonists of the MAXXI Collections
13 April – 9 June 2016

The cycle Conversazioni d’autore has been created with the intention of investigating the compositional themes in the projects and works exhibited in the museum gallery devoted to the display of the MAXXI collections through dialogues with their creators. On the basis of the works on show, the artists and the architects will guide the public on an exploration of the multiple meanings within the processes of making art and architecture, presenting their ideas through a fruitful and stimulating dialogue with academics and critics.