Flavio Favelli, Univers. Un negozio metafisico, 8-14 May 2017. Fondamenta Sant’Anna, Castello 994 (Via Garibaldi), Venice
Friday 8 February 2019 ore 18:30 - ore 20:00

Book at MAXXIFlavio Favelli

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo Hall – admission free subject to availability of places
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A meeting to present two books recounting the long career of Flavio Favelli

“In my ideal city there has always been a shop that rather than existing to sell things actually aims to recreate the atmosphere of a shop, but deep down, without actually being one. A fine shop […] in which just a few things are sold, almost nothing.” Flavio Favelli, Univers. Un negozio metafisico

The book Serie Imperiale, is associated with the exhibition of the same title curated by Silvia
Litardi and Elisa Del Prete, that title deriving from a series of postage stamps issued in 1929 and in use through to 1946 that featured the face of King Vittorio Emanuele III. Of these, the artist has chosen two that have been overprinted with another stamp, altering the features of the sovereign; his work consists of enlarging them and painting them on the walls of old buildings.

Univers. Un negozio metafisico instead recounts the story of a metaphysical shop, a “bottega” inaugurated by the artist in on Fondamenta Sant’Anna (Castello 944, Arsenale area) in Venice, in parallel with the opening of the Venice Biennale. This simple environment, dominated by a neon light spelling the word “Univers” is recounted by Favelli as a situation different to the commercial dimension: an “anti-shop” in which to sell, with different means, prices and times, unique, original signed and sealed objects by the artist, some made from recycled materials, non-replicable works of art independent of the global market laws.

Introduced by
Luigia Lonardelli curator MAXXI

Flavio Favelli artist
Andrea Cortellessa literary critic and literary historian
Silvia Litardi curator
Elisa Del Prete curator