Thursday 1 January 1970

Dominique Perrault

Wednesday 2 April, 17.00
Dominique Perrault | Piazza Garibaldi
MAXXI Auditorium – entrance permitted with the purchase of a museum entrance ticket, to be used by Sunday 13 April

This seminar with the French architect and planner Dominique Perrault is part of the series in which the museum, in collaboration with the Naples Metro, is presenting an analysis of the station designs that are changing the face of the city and its transport system, in a continual exchange and confrontation between tradition and innovation.

Introducted by
Margherita Guccione | Director MAXXI Architettura
Giannegidio Silva | President of the Metropolitana di Napoli
Mario Calabrese | Assessor Comune di Napoli

with the participation of
Michelangelo Pistoletto artist

presented by
Achille Bonito Oliva art critic and curator

Tickets may be purchased from the museum ticket office on the day of the event or via Ticketone.it

Dominique Perrault