Thursday 1 January 1970



A writer: Sandro Veronesi, a philosopher: Umberto Galimberti, an historian/journalist: Paolo Mieli and a rock star: Gianna Nannini. The protagonists of the first four events in the series ContemporaneaMente who on four Thursdays will be recounting their relationship with contemporaneity, interviewed by the journalists Pierluigi Battista and Piero Dorfles.

ContemporaneaMente will then return in the autumn. Future guests will include Andrea Camilleri, Ascanio Celestini, Antonio Pappano and Carlo Verdone.

ContemporaneaMente is a MAXXI project realised in partnership with Euro Forum Comunicazione and with the support of Gruppo Ars Medica.

19 May, 20.15
Piero Dorfles meets Umberto Galimberti
MAXXI Auditorium
admittance €4; free when purchasing a museum entrance ticket

The philosopher proposes to demonstrate the transformation affecting man in the era of technology, a change that not all are aware of but which risks subordinating the demands of man to those of the technological apparatus.

Piero Dorfles / Umberto Galimberti

Umberto Galimberti. A pupil of Emanuele Severino and Karl Jaspers, Umberto Galimberti is a Professor of Philosophy and Dynamic Psychology at the University of Venice a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. He has written over thirty essays and is the author of the Dictionary of Psychology.
9 June, 20.15
Pierluigi Battista meets Paolo Mieli
MAXXI Auditorium
30 June, 20.15
Pierluigi Battista meets Gianna Nannini
YAP Space