22 January 2020

Books at MAXXI. Il senso della pittura by Ruggero Savinio

What is the meaning of painting? How has the concept of painting changed over the centuries? And what will painting become in the future?

22 January 2020

Books at MAXXI. Ogni parola che sapevo by Andrea Vianello

Andrea Vianello talks about his stroke using lost and new words to describe the personal ordeal of those who discover their physical vulnerability. 

21 January 2020

Lectio magistralis. Il grande romanzo dei Vangeli. Corrado Augias

Who are they really, the men and women of that great polyphonic novel, the Gospels?

19 January 2020

Film screening. Federico Fellini e Tonino Guerra: cento anni di sogni

Celebriamo il doppio centenario con un omaggio alla creatività, artistica e cinematografica.

19 January 2020

Free guided tour. on the spiritual matter of art

A guided tour of the "on the spiritual matter of art" exhibit.

17 January 2020

Lezioni Olivettiane®. Adriano Olivetti’s designers. Interior Design with Enrico Morteo

Three meetings dedicated to advertising graphics, interior design, product design, and all creatives who have made the image of the Ivrea factory famous throughout the world.

14 January 2020

Books at MAXXI. The endless work. Art and the 21st century by Vincenzo Trione

From Kentridge to Hirst, passing through Iñárritu and Björk, the genesis and mysteries of monumental and ambitious works.

12 January 2020

Free guided tour. From the Collection to Maria Lai. Tenendo per mano il sole

From the Collection to "Maria Lai. Tenendo per mano il sole" (Holding the sun by the hand).

11 January 2020 - 12 January 2020

Omaggio a Maria Lai. Libri tattili e opere in braille

«I libri cuciti chiedono di essere toccati, sfogliati, pagina per pagina perché il lettore si fermi più a lungo con attenzione», Maria Lai.

10 January 2020

Books at MAXXI. Italian stories selected and introduced by Jhumpa Lahiri

A passionate dive into our contemporary literature, which brings together a wide variety of themes and styles.

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