13 December 2019

Books at MAXXI. L’ora d’arte by Tomaso Montanari

From the Etruscan walls to street art, Montanari gives voice to contemporary paintings, sculptures and graffiti.

12 December 2019

Visita guidata. Tessere lo spazio delle relazioni

Un percorso guidato gratuito ad alcune gallerie del Museo a cura degli ospiti dell’Istituto di riabilitazione Leonarda Vaccari.

12 December 2019

Curator's Tour. Bartolomeo Pietromarchi racconta della materia spirituale dell’arte

Un straordinario viaggio nel progetto che indaga il tema dello spirituale attraverso lo sguardo dell’arte contemporanea e, al contempo, della storia arcaica di Roma.

12 December 2019

Books at MAXXI. Non avere paura di cadere by Mauro Magatti

Fifty years after the "spring in which the streets and squares of our country resounded with freedom", that concept, cultivated by the baby boomer generation, is at risk of collapse.

11 December 2019

Books at Maxxi. Il Novecento II. Vol. by Vittorio Sgarbi

From Lucio Fontana to Piero Guccione. Sgarbi pursues beauty among extraordinary discoveries and venerated masters.

11 December 2019

Performing the Archives. Elisabetta Catalano Photographing the performance

Three meetings to retrace the activity of one of the greatest photographers of our time.

10 December 2019

Talk. The impossibility of being normal

The first event in the major review "Doc Home", organized in collaboration with Art Doc Festival and on the occasion of the exhibition "At Home. Designs for contemporary living".

08 December 2019

Free guided tour. From the Collection to Altan

A guided tour of the permanent Collection and the exhibition "Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers".

06 December 2019

Libri al MAXXI. Demofollia di Michele Ainis

La "Repubblica dei paradossi", raccontata da uno fra i più noti costituzionalisti italiani.

05 December 2019

Books at MAXXI. Modern Rome. From Napoleon to the Twenty-First Century by Italo Insolera

The last two centuries in the history of the Eternal City, capital of the Papal State, then of united Italy, first under the monarchy and subsequently the republic.

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