Sunday 23 April 2017, 11:00 - 18:00
World Book Day

Books for Freedom

MAXXI Piazza

Give or exchange a book so as to enrich prison libraries in Rome.

On the occasion of the World Book Day the courtyard of the museum turns into a place where to exchange and donate your books in return for those made available by the museum’s library.
The collected books will be then donated to those libraries which are part of the Rome Biblioteche in carcere (Prison libraries) circuit.

The project is part of the wider LiberiLibri (free books) project, which aims to underline the importance of reading and writing as a form of rehabilitation inside prisons.

In Italy, April 23rd is the starting day of the National campaign Il Maggio dei Libri (May of Books), the initiative supported by MiBACT and AIE, the Italian Publishers Association.