ALESSANDRO ANSELMI. Figures and Fragments

6 December 2013 – 16 March 2014 exhtended until 6 April
curated by Valerio Palmieri and Valentino Anselmi
Archive Centre

The exhibition features drawings, models and watercolours of the projects present in the MAXXI Architettura collection, generously donated by the architect, that illustrate his work from the 1960s through to 2002.

Five thematic sections are examined: The Dream of Architecture, Geometries of Memory, Figures of Modernism, Frames and Fragments and Geometric Nature. They guide visitors through an exhibition in which the dimension of design continually invades the architect’s personal realm.
The projects on show include the Parabita cemetery in Puglia from 1967, the State Archive in Florence (1972) and in Rome the reconfiguration of Piazza dei Navigatori (2000), the multi-purpose building for the Tiburtino Technological Industrial Park (2002) and the San Pietro Station building (2002).

The exhibition sheds light on the figure of an architect, to some degrees radical, fully immersed in the dynamics of contemporary debate but also, for his attentive look at history, highly sensitive to the logics and suggestions of site and context, with a particular focus on the Roman tradition. Alessandro Anselmi’s intimate, almost oneiric side offers a reflection on architecture and its forms interwoven with metaphysical suggestions.