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1 October 20201 October

11:00 - 19:00



MAXXI’s collection represents the museum’s founding element and it determines its identity. From October 2015 the display will be permanent with several pathways.

Architecture collections Art collections
Ever different and surprising paths

The Architectural project

The MAXXI design goes beyond the concept of the building-museum. The complexity of the volumes, the curving walls, the variations and intersections of the levels determine a very rich spatial and functional configuration that visitors may pass through via ever different and unexpected routes.

Entertain at MAXXI

The Museum's spectacular Lobby and the Auditorium can host: conferences, corporate meetings and presentations, film screening, private dinners and cocktail receptions.

attività educative

Didactic activities with the objective of making the museum a familiar and dynamic space, a place for meeting as well as learning

Designed for audiences of different ages and requirements, from the youngest to the eldest, from the merely curious to experts in the sector, the museum intends to provide the necessary tools for active and participatory interpretation of contemporary themes.

Architectures of light

Workshop on the technique of oxidations presenting the MAXXI architecture on the basis of light

AT MAXXI WITH… Discover the celebrities that visited the museum
Al MAXXI con AFRICAN METROPOLIS. An imaginary city
AFRICAN METROPOLIS. An imaginary city A detailed overview of the artistic and cultural scene of the African continent.
Future Architecture Platform
Future Architecture Platform / FuturA MAXXI takes part in the first pan-European project born to bring the ideas on the future of architecture closer to wider audiences
MAXXI social wall
MAXXI Social Wall

A space to meet real and virtual visitors to MAXXI and have them meet one another, a space designed for the sharing of ideas, interests, experiences and opinions on the world of contemporary creativity.