16 March 2018 - 06 May 2018

I draw ergo I design. Ideas and shapes around architecture

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MAXXI Architettura Archives Centre

How do signs/drawings constitute the alphabet of architectural construction?

With the aim of a rediscovering the meaning of drawing as a manual gesture and the direct link between mind, heart and body, MAXXI is presenting a selection of works from the Architecture Collections and the latest archives it has acquired in order to tackle the theme of architectural drawing as a mental and spatial process before it is actually architectonic.

Starting out with the vision offered by Aldo Rossi’s Città Analoga in which all the elements of the city and its representation seem to be present, from the composition by parts to the overlaying of plans, from the commemoration of history to the synthesis of the archetype, a series of architectural drawings testify to how the architect arrives at a design through the medium of drawing.